Film: Safari in Kruger and City break in Cape Town

With its diverse nature, wildlife and colorful culture South Africa is known to embody the entire world in one country. And it did feel as if we were on a small world trip when we went on a safari in Kruger followed by a city break in Cape Town. Join our journey through this small film.

The film is made for

It’s no secret that we’ve lost our hearts to Africa. Prior to our first visit on the vast continent – traveling to this part of the world was a mirage to us. Brilliant, distant and dreamy.

At the same time Africa has always been insistently present on the world map hanging home in our living room. Huge and sandy, Africa is portrayed as the knob of butter of the world.

In May 2016 it was the second time our dream came true when we traveled to South Africa. In this connection Martin has made this film that follows our safari in the Kruger National Park and experiences in Cape Town.

The combination of experiences made the journey a rich adventure. We were especially impressed with the country’s diversity. At our safari in Kruger we met the wildlife, which we only know from the animal programs in TV and from the zoo. The Drakens Mountains appeared as a blend of the Scottish Highlands and the Grand Canyon. And Cape Town – surrounded by beautiful wineries reminded us of Napa Valley – the African version of a modern metropolis where Rio de Janeiro meets Sydney. It really makes sense why South Africa is known to be:


Would you like to read about some of our experiences, you can dive into our travel article: South Africa – Safari and City break in a league of its own.

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