Film: Safari in Tanzania and a beach holiday on Zanzibar

Join us on our trip to Tanzania and Zanzibar in this little movie. From a safari on the endless plains of Serengeti – where we met the superstars of the savannah – to a beach holiday on the exotic bounty island of Zanzibar.

The film is made for

We went on our very first safari in February 2015. The trip went to Tanzania where we were blown backwards by nature’s beauty, but more specifically by how close we came to the animals. The safari was followed by a beach holiday on Zanzibar … Oh, my dear travel heart – what more do you want ?!

The trip was arranged in collaboration with Martin filmed and produced this film for them. Turn up the sound and sit back – this is a sofa-safari at its best. And if you want the whole story you can read our travel article about our safari in Tanzania. Bon voyage!


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