Today we travel 6 six weeks to Vietnam and Cambodia. This will be our first visit there. And while butterflies in the stomach start to beat a proper fist, thoughts of whether the two countries can live up to our expectations are roaming in our minds?

We love Asia! We like the food, the culture and the atmosphere. It is one of our favorite places to be sunbathing when the winter invades Denmark and brings a blackout curtain over the country. And even though the East still hasn’t made it to the very top of our list of major travel experiences, our relationship with this part of the world has gradually evolved into a lifelong love affair. Because we keep coming back again and again.

Today we start a new chapter in our travel novel as we fly from Kastrup Airport and head for a 6 week home-brewed tour of Vietnam and Cambodia . We have long dreamed of visiting the two countries. Not least because we have a constant craving for Vietnamese food, but especially because the Cambodian temple of Angkor Wat has been staying for too long on top of our Bucket List. It is a place we really look forward seeing with our own eyes.


Most often we travel without having a specific itinerary. Normally we only book the airline tickets and a hotel for the first few days. It gives us the ultimate freedom to hang out the places we like – and escape from the places that disappoint us.

But this time we have made an itinerary and booked hotels for the entire trip, only with a couple of days of buffers in between. In fact, we would have like to have avoided this, but as we would like to visit both smaller islands and popular tourist destinations in high season, where the hotels are quickly booked up, we chose to make an itinerary.

Hmm … Making an itinerary feels a bit like lending a pair of pants without knowing how they fit. Either it ends with dancing all night because your ass has never been looking better – alternatively you end up being the benchwarmer because the pants are physically restricting you. Oh, maybe it’s a little strange to compare an itinerary with a pair of pants. But the point is that we think it’s easier to get more cool travel experiences when you are not limited by unknown factors in advance. Do you know the feeling?


Great pants or not! We arrive in Ho Chi Minh City from where we fly straight on to the Con Dao Islands . According to rumor, the islands, formerly hell on earth for political prisoners is today a scenic paradise. The main island houses one of Six Senses’ luxury resorts, often indicating that an island is located at the high end of the bounty barometer. We cross our fingers and hope the rumor is true.

Christmas Eve we fly back to Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam’s largest city, which should be a real mecca for ‘foodies’. It instantly sounds like the place to celebrate Christmas? After a couple of days in the vibrant million city we have a few blank days in the calendar. The plan is for us to find a boat that can sail us up the Mekong River and into Cambodia. The hope is to find a boat that we can live on, but the question right now is whether we need the boat trip to get from Vietnam to Cambodia – or if it is more interesting to sail around to experience exciting places in the historic delta.

Whether we arrive by boat or not – our Cambodian adventure begins in the capital Phnom Penh. It’s a city that we’ve heard very divided opinions about so we’re excited about what’s up for us. Next we jump on a bus heading for one of the main attractions of the trip: Angkor Wat. We have booked a hotel in Siem Reap, which seems to have conquered the hearts of many travelers’.

The thought of some (hopefully) amazing days in the footsteps of history, we take a bus to the shore, more specifically Shihanoukville, from where we take a boat to two of the country’s most famous islands, Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloem. We love island adventures! We have booked a couple of days on both islands. Since booking this part of the trip, we have learned that the islands come highly recommended by many travellers – so the expectations are high!

Next we go back to the coast to travel back to Vietnam. However, we are only on mainland quite briefly, probably around Kep or Kampot, as we once again head out to the sea with a course towards the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc. All guidebooks describe the island as the country’s most popular, but as far as we can understand, Phu Quoc has been under severe development, which normally means that some of the authentic magic gets a bit lost. We hope this won’t be true.

That’s it – 6 weeks spent! I have no doubt that it will be with hesitating steps that we enter the plane that brings us back to Ho Chi Minh City, from where we will return to Copenhagen.

– – – –

Have you been on the latitudes of Vietnam and Cambodia? We would love to hear from you. Do you have tips – do’s and dont’s – please write them in the comments box below.


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