Stop the search. Bounty has been found. And it’s not just one island. It is nine, NINE! The group of islands called Similan Islands is found approximately 70 km from the coastline of Khao Lak.

A few days ago Martin and I jumped on a speedboat and enjoyed a full day on one of the uninhabited islands with white sandy beaches and snorkeled around in the azure waters teeming with colorful fish, live coral – and sea turtles!

Such a shield guy is pretty big. And it can swim pretty fast. This I realized when I was ignorantly swimming around in the water. I remember spotting a funny blue fish with horns of some sort busy moving some pebbles on the bottom when I felt something big approaching. Only a few centimeters from my stomach a sea turtle whizzed by me. Beautifully and effortlessly it slid through the water …

I however was not nearly as elegant. I must have resembled an electric Jumping Jack with a code error when it dawned upon me who I had just met. I both jumped with excitement and tried to shout to Martin what I had just experienced. And these are two things that you can’t really do underwater.

Fortunately Martin was right behind me and managed to capture a snapshot. I will never forget the feeling of being overtaken by a sea turtle…

Ps. Similan Islands has become a popular day trip for tourists. So be aware there might be a lot of people in high season, which may steal the charm and the experience of visiting this otherwise amazing paradise.

Strand på Similan Island Simland Island strand Snorkling Snorkling på Similan Havskildpadde ved Similan Island Similan Islands 7


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