We have read somewhere – our stagnant holiday brains can’t remember where? – that you have to be lucky not to see a sea turtle when you snorkel around the Gili Islands. The word ‘not’ made that sentence quite interesting. Whether it comply with reality was a little hard to believe. We got wiser.

However, our expectations of snorkeling were quickly boosted upon arrival at Gili Trawangan. Standing at the beach shore gazing at the colors of the turquoise water – it actually looked like a photoshopped postcard – more often you get a bit disappointed.

In a matter of minutes we was checked in to our beach hotel and dressed up for snorkeling. And there it was – only 30 seconds into the dive – a huge sea turtle! What are the odds? Apparently very good!

I do not know if it was right there at that moment we decided to extend our stay at Gili with a few days – or if it was a little later when were sitting in a beach bar with cold Bintang beer in hand watching the spectacular sunset. Oh Gili, you know how to spoil your guests.

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