After a couple of weeks in Costa Rica we feel comfortable with the local cuisine and for the most part eat at the nearest soda. It’s cheap, good and the big portions of rice and black beans satisfy anyone with a healthy appetite.

In Montezuma we visited a random Soda, called Soda Monte Sol, and ordered two arroz con pollo. The food tasted really good, but the experience itself was more about experiencing the waitress. A lush older woman dressed in a colorful curtain of a shoulder-like dress that matched the walls, giant sunglasses and high heels. She strolled around the tables with an attitude worthy of Hollywood while bursting out Spanish words in a very strict tone of voice that made me sit straight up on the chair and eat extra civilized.

I realize that it does not sound so insidious, but yet I sense that it is that woman who will get stuck in our memory and embody the memory of Montezuma. It is strange how some small or crooked or slightly indifferent things get stuck in the little gray ones. I did not dare take a picture of her, neither did Martin.. So instead, Martin had to do an imitation #happyface #not

Soda Montezuma i Costa Rica 2 Soda Montezuma i Costa Rica 4


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