True to tradition, we moved to a new hut on the same beach. The first few days we stayed in the north, the quiet end of Sairee Beach. Now we have moved to the center of it all, and we got a nice bungalow, situated directly on the beach. And an important detail – it’s equipped with a large hammock on the terrace.

The fridge is stocked with cold drinks, the table is loaded with reading material and the view is mesmerizing. What’s not to like? Yesterday we didn’t leave the bungalow. Not a meter to the right or a meter to the left. Only right here – where Martin discovered at least 25 different ways that you can lie in a hammock. Also it was very practical to be close to the white porcelain – not going into details …

Bungalow på Koh Tao 2 Bungalow på Koh Tao 3 Bungalow på Koh Tao 4 Bungalow på Koh Tao 5 Bungalow på Koh Tao 6Bungalow på Koh Tao 1 Bungalow på Koh Tao 7 Bungalow på Koh Tao 8 Bungalow på Koh Tao 9


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