The boat trip to Koh Tao was a pleasant surprise. In other words, a trip without surprises in the form of extended sailing and changed navigation routes. Going ashore on the tiny Thai island though was a surprisingly action-packed experience!

Arriving at the pier of Koh Tao is best described as being a participant in the the Danish TV-show ‘Zulu Cattle Race’. (For those of you who aren’t Danish it can shortly be described as a comical TV-serie where participants are learning how to be a genuine cowboy.)

We felt we were a part of a huge flock of bleating cattle that were being driven out of the enclosure – only to be hunted by a bunch of fearless wannabe cowboys. Imagine the tourists as the cattle being pumped out of the many boats and the Thai as the cowboys chasing the pack with “special prices” on taxis, hotels and other services that tourists have come to gorge themselves in …

As always we tuck the tail between our legs and ran the other way. Just as stunning and peaceful Thailand can be – just as terrible and hectic it can be. But we made it and are now checked into a bungalow overlooking the Sairee Beach.

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