Once again we jumped into one of Thailand’s major tourist traps: Elephant Safari!

Despite having very ambivalent feelings towards the concept curiosity got the best of us. We have never tried sitting on the neck of an Elephant. But now we know that Elephant Safari is the Thai equivalent of pony riding in amusement parks. The promise of “wild jungle” written in the brochure was exchanged with a large dusty parking lot next to a rubber plantation.

On top of that Martin and I watched a TV-show the day before on a carnivorous crazy and wild elephant killing people in small villages in India. An authentic history, mind you! So with those images in our mind, we got a completely pointless tour around the parking lot alias “wild jungle”. Fortunately the elephants looked like they were treated well, thank god. But still I don’t like it.

Damn you curiosity!

Elefanter i Thailand 2 Elefanter i Thailand 3 Elefanter i Thailand 4 Elefanter i Thailand 5


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