Following the adventoures and primitive stay at Koh Jum, we decided to slightly counterbalance our civilation account with a stay at the coast of Krabi.

We checked in to a 4-star hotel and got a 40-m2-luxury room with direct access to the pool. Hooray for upgrades!

Oh, it is pure bliss to SLEEP in a large, white and clean bed – without having to spoon with geckos, share the toilet with toads, or the futile battle against mosquitoes, that always seem to know the loopholes in the mosquito net. Not to mention dancing monkeys on the rooftop in the middle of the night.

Ao Nang 2 Ao Nang 3 Ao Nang 4 Ao Nang 5 Ao Nang 6 Ao Nang 7 Ao Nang 8 Ao Nang 9


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