Our travel blog has been a little quiet for a while. For the first time in Thailand we have been staying at a place where wi-fi was nowhere to be found. Koh Jum is a small island that only recently got electricity. The island allegedly resembles the authentic Thailand before tourism planted his big fat feet in the white sand.

We travelled to Koh Jum in Thailand by ferry. But as the island is also missing a place to dock, we had to jump into a small longtailboat to reach the sandy shores of Koh Jum. The island only has one road – so all movements primarily take place along the beach or through the palm forests. Thus, the pace of everything is very slow and relaxing – true island life.

We lived in a very nice bungalow, sort of upgraded Robinson Crusoe-style only a stone’s throw from a wide sand beach overlooking the Phi Phi islands. The price for the cottage was 25 usd/day.

Before getting here, we read that our ‘hotel’ – Woodland Lodge – was heavily praised for its food. Expectations fulfilled. If you like Thai food you have to try it here. The food was complemented by a fantastic sunrise view and the sweetest cooking mama ever. Koh Jum is undoubtedly the most beautiful island that we’ve seen so far …

Koh Jum 2

Koh Jum 4
På indersiden af båden var malet små reklamer for et par øens bungalows

Koh Jum 3 Koh Jum 5 Koh Jum 6 Koh Jum 7 Koh Jum 8 Koh Jum 9 Koh Jum 10 Koh Jum 11 Koh Jum 12 Koh Jum 13 Koh Jum 14


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