We are spending a few relaxing days in Ao Nang, before heading up to the vibrant Bangkok to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Ao Nang is a mecca for sunbathers, shoppers, tourists and thus also for massage lovers. You can not walk 50 meters without having Thai women running after you shouting “Sir / Madam, you want maaaaaassaaaaage ?!” There is even a road along the beach, with more than 20 massage shacks all offering 1-hour Thai massage for about 5-7 USD.

Martin isn’t entirely comfortable with, whether they actually know what they are doing when they are molding on the defensless tourists – but yesterday I persuaded him to try Thai massage on his own body.

And we survived! I was broken, crushed and kneaded to a steady, soft dough of a very kind and decent Thai man. Martin, however, was not as lucky with his masseur. She was a small bold lady who – by the looks of it – did not known her own battle weight. She put all forces (and kilos) into it, so Martin is still a little “broken” after yesterday … Woops!


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